TerraCycle Offers Spas Free Recycling Program

A busy day at a salon can result in bags of non-recyclable garbage from a full day of haircuts, coloring, nail services and spa procedures. Becoming more environmentally-friendly is on the minds of many spa and salon owners as they rethink what they throw away and how they operate. TerraCycle offers a free recycling program called the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade to help salons and spas move toward more eco-friendly waste management practices.

With the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade program, difficult-to-recycle packaging such as hair color tubes (including aluminum tubes), hair care product containers, skin cream tubes, cosmetics packaging and any other plastics or tubes can now be recycled—regardless of brand. TerraCycle, in partnership with Garnier, awards two points for each package received, which can be put toward buying a charity gift or converted to money and given to a charity. Collected packaging is turned into plastic items such as park benches, recycling bins and plastic lumber.

“My goal from the beginning was to create a salon with strong eco-responsibility in its DNA,” said Barbara Weigand, owner of Copper River Salon in Princeton, New Jersey. “I recycle and compost at home, so why wouldn’t I look for ways to do that at work, where I’m always running water, using electricity, and discarding chemicals and plastic all day long?”

TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky says he hopes more spas and salons follow Weigand’s recycling efforts. “This is a great opportunity for them to earn money for a charity and have this packaging become a resource instead of garbage. More salons and spas are using natural or organic products that are better for their customers and better for the planet. A natural next step is reducing waste.”

TerraCycle collects more than 40 different kinds of products and packaging through its Brigade programs. It has already kept more than two billion pieces of trash from going to the landfill and, with its partners, dispersed almost $3 million to charity.

To sign up for the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade visit www.TerraCycle.net.

Source: Day Spa Business

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