Time to Let Go … Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

With the season change, it’s time to clean out and refresh your medicine cabinet and makeup bag!Here’s some tips on what to KEEP and what to say GOODBYE to, based on expiration dates.eye makeup


  • MASCARA & LIQUID LINERS: 2-3 month shelf life. With every use, bacteria seeps into the tube thanks to the mascara brush. Expired mascara can cause serious eye infection so time to toss it after 6 months. When shopping for a new mascara, just say NO to double-dipping and use disposable single-use applicators instead.
  • EYE SHADOW: After 2-3 years, expired eye shadows will get dry and flaky. Cleaning your eye shadow brush on a regular basis will not only help prevent bacteria growth, but can prolong shelf-life!


  • LIPSTICK & GLOSS2-year shelf life. When your lipstick hardens and becomes too difficult to spread on your lips, and your lip gloss becomes streaky or “blobby”, it’s time to shop around for a new one.




  • LIQUID MAKEUP: For water-based products like concealer and foundation, you’ll know when to throw them out. Anywhere from  6 months to a year, the color will start to change or separate into layers. To prolong it’s shelf life, keep it out of sunlight since UV rays can destroy preservatives, which will make your products spoil faster.
  • POWDER MAKEUP: Powder-based products like foundation and blush tend to last the longest since it’s harder for bacteria to grown in them. But don’t keep them after 3 years, especially if some contain water in the ingredients (check the label).
  • ANTI-AGING & ACNE TREATMENTS3 months to a year. Antioxidants are easily oxidized, so look out for any changes in color.


nail polishHANDS:

  • NAIL POLISH: Similar to liquid makeup, you’ll get a sense of when to throw away nail polish. Usually lasting up to a year, nail polish will start to separate, get clumpy, or will give off a strong smell. One easy way to test it is after a quick shake, and the polish won’t blend, it’s time let go!
  • LOTION: Lasting around 2 years, it’s time to toss your body lotion if you notice a change in color and scent. Go for lotions that have a pump rather than a jar, since jars are more prone to airborne bacteria.


lotion and perfumeBODY:

  • PERFUME: Perfumes can last anywhere from 8-10 years, depending on where you store them. Once they start to smell different or lighten in color, they’ve expired already. Bright lights oxidize fragrances, so store  your perfume in cool, dark places to make them last longer.
  • LOTION: Lasting around 2 years, it’s time to toss your body lotion if you notice a change in color and scent. Go for lotions that have a pump rather than a jar, since jars are more prone to airborne bacteria.


makeup brush MAKEUP TOOLS:

  • BRUSHES/SPONGES: To keep your face brushes and sponges in tip-top shape, wash them once a week. But if you’re prone to acne, wash them every day. You can either buy special brush cleansers, or you can just run them under lukewarm water and gently swirl your brushes in a shallow bowl filled with baby shampoo. Remember that makeup brushes will need a few hours to dry, so wash them afteryou’re applied your makeup.
  • EYE CURLER: Keep the clampers clean by applying a few drops of eye makeup remover (or use makeup remover towelettes) and wipe excess residue with a tissue. Then rinse thoroughly with liquid soap and warm water.
  • TWEEZER: Sanitize the tips of your tweezers with rubbing alcohol or peroxide, and rinse them under water. Be sure to replace your tweezers once they get dull or rusty.

Unlike food, cosmetic companies aren’t required to put expiration dates on all beauty products. But some companies will list them anyway. Look for a letter “M” to indicate the month or the letter “Y” for the year. If you see “12 M” on the packaging, it means the product will last 12 months after it has been opened.

Source: Mazur Group LA
Date: July 2014

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