In the fall of 2013, founder Patricia Jones, was cleaning out her makeup drawer and tossed some empty Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper containers in the pj-foundertrash.  Upon reflection of the pile of lip balms in the trash container and wanting to be socially responsible about her carbon footprint she tried to recall with her building and local community offered recycling programs about how to recycle her beloved lip balm and realized she there wasn’t any information readily available.

Knowing she is a Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper addict and doing some quick math realizing her life long amount of waste produced catapulted her into a mission to find out how to properly recycle and create awareness to others of beauty product recycling.

Over the past year, Patricia has been researching and collecting information on anything related to beauty products recycling and organizing it into GLAMCYCLE to provide a resource for the glamorous to learn more about the products they use and how to dispose responsibility of them.



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