Brands that reward recycling will typically reward you for empty powder compacts, empty lipsticks, and all other empty beauty products you purchased from them. The rewards can vary, but hey, it’s better than getting nothing in return for your loyalty!

Here are some brands/stores that have programs or reward recycling:



If your favorite beauty product brand does not currently have a program reach out to them via their web site. When shopping for new beauty products look for eco-friendly packaging characteristics to make more sustainable cosmetic choices:

  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable (with a plastic resin number stamped on the package)
  • Recycled (made with post-consumer recycled plastic or cardboard)
  • No extra wrapping (like ribbon, cardboard, and film plastic)
  • No shopping bags (take your own reusable shopping bag!)
  • Buy only what you need (don’t stock up on cosmetics you can’t consume before they expire)
  • Choose refillable makeup containers that you can add different colors to as your style changes
  • Take care of your brushes and makeup applicators by cleaning them so that they last a long time


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