Aveda has their Full Circle recycling program that focuses on saving packaging from landfill. They accept caps and lids from bottles, jars, and tubes of any sort, not only cosmetics.


You can bring back your unrecyclable Aveda packaging and accessories to Aveda Experience Centers in the United States.

Aveda is excited to offer a new way for you to help keep Aveda packaging out of landfills; our Full Circle Recycling Program. Aveda has partnered with g2 revolution®, a leading recycling innovations company, to provide guests the chance to return Aveda packaging and accessories not accepted by municipal curbside recycling programs to all 107 Aveda Experience Center retail locations in the US.

The Aveda packaging collected will be sorted to be recycled into reusable material, with the goal of making it into new Aveda packaging or accessories, thus helping to prevent Aveda packaging from going to landfill.

Aveda Full Circle Recylcing



  1. Check with your local recycler to determine what types of materials are accepted via curbside service. Municipal recycling programs vary on the types of items accepted in community programs.
  2. Any Aveda packaging not accepted curbside, such as caps, makeup brushes, and various bottles, jars, tubes and pumps, can be brought into anyAveda Experience Center retail store in the United States and placed in the Full Circle recycling bin.
  3. Once full, the Full Circle recycling bin will be sent to Aveda’s recycling partner g2 revolution in Findlay, OH where items will be sorted by material category. And, g2 revolution ships all packages under UPS’ Carbon Neutral Program.
  4. Based upon the total volume of packages shipped, g2 revolution pays UPS to purchase certified vintage carbon offsets to balance out the emissions produced by the transportation of the shipments. All materials will be recycled, reused or burned for energy recovery—with the intention of utilizing collected material to create new Aveda packaging or accessories.



Recycling locally is more energy efficient and supports your community programs. The Aveda Full Circle Recycling Program is designed to supplement what cannot be recycled locally.

For more information, please contactfullcirclerecycling@aveda.com.

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