HIGHLIGHTBlack Pot Program

Enjoy fresh, handmade and cruelty-free cosmetics and beauty products from Lush all while reaping the rewards of a recycling program. Bring in 5 empty black pot containers and receive a free Lush face mask. The brand uses fresh organic fruits and vegetables, little or no preservative or packing and only uses vegetarian ingredients. If you’re looking to stay away from harsh chemicals, this is definitely the brand for you.


We’ve said it once, (actually a few more times than that), and we’ll say it again: we like it Naked at LUSH.

In fact, we’d do everything Naked if we could. But then again, there are ingredients that are so beneficial, and so beautiful but come in a liquid form that some of our products do require packaging.

When we do use packaging, we aim to use the least amount possible and have not only significantly cut down on the amount of black pots lushcardboard and paper products that we use, but our black pots and bottles are made from 100% post-consumer plastic – no virgins allowed! We also encourage you to return your black pots and bottles at your local LUSH shop. Bring back 5 and we’ll exchange them for a free Fresh Face Mask. You get clean, radiant skin and we’ll make sure that your containers get recycled and up-cycled for you. Win-win for everyone and the environment.However, you can also reuse your black pots and containers at home or at the office too.

Source:   Lush
Date:  2014



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